Scammers Have No Ethics Or Morals. Even Those In High Places.

This is one of the hardest issues to come by when you get stung by a scammer. Your first re-action OH NO – NOT HIM/HER/THEM You cannot believe it. They sounded so genuine is the usual response, plus they have stacks of alleged genuine references. Usually only with a first name and sometimes state or country.

How Do You Beat Them?..Very difficult particularly to a beginner who is gullible, fresh, excited and hardly heard of the word scammer. Many people have lost $1000’s as the scammer leads them on. Then they usually disappear to start something new to start the same process. Or keeping grabbing unwary newcomers

Then  Worse Still …  Blame you. You couldn’t be following instructions, You are not spending enough time on your business, X is making heaps. Now don’t bother me again till you catch up.

You scratch your head in amazement. You have followed instructions, spent about 10 times as many hours than recommended. You feel like idiot blame yourself. The scammer does not want to talk to you anyway. You give it all away saying it couldn’t be for you. There goes your money while the scammer laughs all the way to the bank.

Sound Familiar. Well I would say every internet beginner and even the experienced  have heard the same story On my last post I told of an entrepreneur who had recently been scammed but who was absolutely in shock  because the deal was highlighted and heavily promoted by an acclaimed  financial literature expert.

 It Made No Difference.  As always when  nabbed they blame everyone  else and again as usual keep the money.

Beware of people in high place. just because they are there does not necessarily mean they are  honest. You only have to look worldwide and see how many politicians are in jail or other because of, in simple language dodgy deals

But A Scam May Not Be A Scam… Legally… now sounds odd but it is true. The simple scammers have a product or sometimes not even a product worth about $1.00 but tell you it is now, not $97 not even $57. Today and today only get this amazing new whiz bang for just $29.97. plus postage. Double or triple the figures it is all the same.

The Sophisticated Scammer … ah the high end product and the high end price that even Einstein if he was around today could not work it out or make money with it. You complain. Same excuses. Your fault you are not doing it right and so on.

How Do We Get Rid Of Them. Very hard like all criminals you jail or  catch one and another one starts.

Stay tuned next post I will try to give you some tips how to avoid them. But no guarantees as scammers know all the tricks. Remember do your homework.

Till next time ... Jim ...

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