Is Your Internet Business Success Recession Proof

One question to internet business success if we are online marketing is something  we all usually ask. Is my online home business recession proof. Lets see if we can find some clues.

 It Is Virtually A Proven Fact … that all business or our capitalistic system is cyclic. Share market traders and real estate buyers and sellers just to use two examples are always either succeeding or going broke. I think it is commingling asked  did the legendary Donald Trump go bust or near bust in a real estate cyclic downturn. Look at the U.S and a lot of the European countries now. Still struggling from the result of the last crash the Global Financial Crisis. GFC

 Cycles Are A Standard Occurrence … in the offline world of business. When I say offline that does not mean they don’t use online methods or computers for their business. Like the share market and keeping ones eye on say the price of iron and how it will affect a companies share.  That was always an offline business but we use computers today to achieve fast results. But it is still essentially would be considered an offline business.

 An Online Business and there are thousands as you and I would know it to the best of my knowledge would be practically recession proof. Actually it would be my guess that during a recession online home business opportunities would boom. Think of the thousands who lose their job in times of recession. What can they do. Years ago usually nothing. Ask anyone who remembered or have read about the great depression. Men by the millions tramping the country to find work to feed their families. Usually to no avail.

 Nowadays Thankfully  … we do have social welfare programs so people actually can eat. However anyone with a computer and an internet connection can find a home business opportunity within hours. A lot of then like a turnkey home business can be very economical to get started which can make it easier for someone unemployed to get started online.

Do You Know anyone Successful in Network Marketing … if so ask them. Did the GFC affect their business. or ask how long have they been doing that business and has recession cycles ever affected it. Or do a google search and simply ask the questions and see what comes up

Decide For Yourself … as I doubt there are any statistics to determine yes or no but what do you think.  Is an internet business recession proof. My guess is yes. Or as  near as recession proof as one can find. Check this one out. CLICK HERE and do your own homework

Till next time ... Jim ...

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