Learnt A Lot About Your Internet Turnkey Business 

Do you think you read that write. Well you did. But did you notice I said learn a lot, not know a lot about your internet turnkey business. There’s the difference. In this specialized world you must know a lot about any business venture or  turnkey ecommerce opportunity you are in but you don’t have to learn a lot.

Now I Can Hear You Say … what the hell is he talking about. When you decide to become involved in an online home business so as to earn money online and  if you haven’t you should have done that by now the first thing you will probably say. I must learn a lot about this industry so I don’t lose my money or investment.

No … No … No … there is a big difference between learning and knowing. Yes … Yes … Yes … it is extremely important to know your industry and what makes your internet turnkey business tick but that does not mean you have to learn all the nuts and bolts at what makes it tick.

 Do You Know … what PPC pay per click is or CPV cost per view. Hopefully the answer is yes but do you know that it is a specialized field in your chosen business. Not too many years ago if you went to see your doctor he had to know everything. Now they have a specialist to cut your toe nails. What about building a house. Apart from things like electrical, plumbing and plastering etc the carpenter did everything. Now in some cases he doesn’t even put the floor down. In reality he is only a minor party to the whole building whereas he was always the major.

Now Lets Talk About You … what are you good at. Lets go back to school or where you are now. At school what where your strengths.  A  good reader maybe mathematics or you were artistic. I picked those three so I can give you easy examples. Do you like reading the paper, an enthusiastic book or magazine reader. If the answer is no then don’t even think about being a good blogging article writer for your business. You would be hopeless or it would take you endless hours. Then probably produce something no -one would ever read.

Were You Good At Maths Or Figures … this time we will say yes. Because as the name suggest pay per click or cost per view means doing the numbers. Find out if you pay a dollar for a word is it good value. Or did you put a banner up.

I Will Assume  ... you know what a banner is but I also assume you would not know how to make it. Remember though there is lot more than maths in PPC, CPV and banners.  You have to learn intelligent keyword research to know the value of the word you are buying. Then there is no use putting a banner up on a website that is never seen. You check Alexa (google it )to know not learn what that is.

But You Were Legendary …  at art, drawing and colours. Then the complex skills of  graphic designing and website construction is right up your alley. You have that eye that can see or image things  like a good artist can that still does not exist …  now we know you would be a hopeless blog writer, just so and so with PPC and CPV but you could construct web sites that your legendary artistic school status determined years ago.

The Key To Your Success Then … know a lot about your business that is essential but learn and specialize on one or two of its intricacies. Concentrate on what you do best and leave the rest to others. The old saying says it all. “Jack of all trades but master of none”. Don’t let that be you. Now lets a title=”get started and put your chosen skills to use


Till next time ... Jim ...

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