Online Advertising is Not Online Marketing.

I can here the purist from here. Of cause it is they say. Online advertising is the only thing that a successful entrepreneur should do. So here is why I refute their screams and state advertising is not online marketing. Just part of it.

Advertising … not so many years gone by usually meant putting a paid ad somewhere. Sears Directory delivered by hand or mail in the U.S out to the wild west. Then affordable newspapers came along, followed by magazines and TV. There are heaps more but as I often say a blog is really just a chat among friend. In our case friends who have a product like a turnkey home business  click here who want to earn money online.

But Advertising Is Only Part Of The Mix … look at keywords. How could anyone say that is advertising. But it is extremely important for your online marketing. Why because you need them for copies of your ads or articles, blogs even banners. Or the search engines will never find you.

Online entrepreneurs … have two masters when it comes to online marketing. Their customer and the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Tv, newspapers, and similar productions only have one. The customer who is usually the reader or the viewer. The reporter or presenter only has to speak in their language. He does not have to think is that a good word for the search engines. He probably does not even know what a search engine is.

Article Writing … is very easy if that is what it only has to be. If I asked you to write an article say, on a budget. You would whip it out in probably 10 minutes or less. And it would explain everything. But if you put in a section of the net. Would Google find it. Doubt it.

So Advertising Is Not Online Marketing … just part of the mix. In our quest to get our make money at home business really firing start studying online marketing and all its tricks.

I Have Put Eight … I hope good keywords in this article. Can you find them.

Well done. Now click here and get started.

Till next time ... Jim ...

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